UNISTART - UNIted STAte of RaTio

UNISTART is the idea of the global social mind build up upon "neurons" of individual minds.

The beginning of the XXI century seems to have offered rather more questions than answers. We are not convinced that the dominant political systems on our globe lead the humanity and the global economy in an appropriate direction. No clear answers are provided by the science either. What are the chances that the "Age of Aquarius", the time of demanding challenges, but simultaneously the time of peace, cooperation and accelerated progress of the humanity, will prevail on the Earth? Or maybe we are not capable of escaping from the “Desert of the Real”? Maybe we will plunge the Earth even further into corruptive conflicts, and destroy its resource, among which we ourselves are the most precious one.

The ultimate pages of "PROLOG" will not mark the end to this journey for the most persistent readers who, leaving behind the introduction, will decide to immerse together into the unknown future.  For each human generation, the introduction, or in other words - the prologue, has contained everything what people have collected in social memory. But it is the future that is of the greatest concern. We have never known even its quantum. Based on the experienced gained from the introduction, we have been building only some hardly verifiable models of the future. Our "prolog(ue)" will hopeful lead to UNISTART - a collective Start to the social mind. The UNIted STAte of RaTio seems to represent a natural consequence of the cosmic energy evolution. It is probably the only rescue for the humanity from the potentially catastrophic tests which the cosmic environment has prepared for us. While reaching the capacity limit of individual minds, the humanity must organize them into a higher level; namely, a social mind with it ongoing, developing rationality. The rationality capable of analysing in detail the prologue; and based on it, chart some objective aims of the humanity and find appropriate organizational means in order to realize these aims. With  the Internet, the social mind has found the environment in which it can evolve at last. Here comes the high time when this mind can be shaped into reality. I do not have the faintest idea how it may look. But I do know that we can undertake together the task of constructing it. Our address is:  www.unistart.net

But before we join forces to create the UNISTART models and construct some improved versions of "PROLOG", let us walk along the path of its initial version. Without looking back at others, we will try ourselves, once again, to face this challenge of answering the question about the aim of our existence and what our final destination is.